Water Detectors

No home should be without a Zircon Leak Alert™ electronic water detector. Place it near sinks, water heaters, sump pumps, and washing machines and find out about leaks before they cause major water damage.



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  • Leak Alert X Water Detector

    The Leak Alert X smart water detector is the first hubless electronic leak detector by Zircon with a…

  • Leak Alert + Water Detector

    Prevent serious water damage with help from the Leak Alert™ + water detector. This self-contai…

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    Leak Alert™ WiFi Water Detector
    Was: $52.99
    Now: $39.99

    Be alerted to leaks while at home or away with the help of the Leak Alert™ WiFi smart water de…

  • Leak Alert™ water detector

    Prevent serious water damage with help from the Leak Alert™ water detector. This sel…

5 of 5 Items