SuperScan® W4 and Zircon® 16 ft. (5 m) Tape Measure

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Product Description

Featuring new, revolutionary Target Control™ (TC™) Level 1 Technology, the Zircon SuperScan® W4 advanced wall scanner is tuned to find clean, wood studs while filtering out metallic false positive objects, such as plumbing, conduit, straps, brackets, or ducts, hiding beneath surfaces. The LoLevel™ and MetalliWarning™ Indicators alert to the presence of dangerous, deep, less dense false positives, and metal targets, reducing the chance of accidentally drilling into a piece of metal or plastic pipe. With the addition of AC Scan mode, users can search for hot, unshielded AC voltage.

The SuperScan® W4 offers five distinct detection modes - TC™, StudScan, DeepScanR, Metal Scan, and AC Scan. A 4-mode switch makes it easy to toggle between functions, while the ColorTripR Display conveniently details information. The screen illuminates pale blue in TC™ mode and locates the center, edges, and direction of wood studs, while enabling the user to identify ‘safe-to-drill’ zones by utilizing the new ‘Trust but Verify’ technique. When TC™ mode is off, the tool will perform in StudScan mode indicating both wood and metal studs. DeepScanR mode doubles the scanning depth to find wood and metal studs beneath extra layers of drywall or paneling. The dedicated Metal Scan mode helps users identify both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. AC Scan mode enables users to locate and map the wall for live, unshielded AC electricity.

  • NEW! – Target Control™ (TC™) Mode locates the center, edges, and direction of wood studs, and not metal, up to 3/4 in. (19 mm) deep behind surfaces. Identifies ‘safe-to-drill’ zones between adjacent drywall screws, nails, and protector plates
  • StudScan Mode locates center, edges, and direction of wood and metal studs up to . in. (19 mm) deep
  • DeepScan® Mode doubles the scan depth of wood and metal studs up to 1. in. (38 mm) deep
  • Metal Scan Mode locates ferrous metal up to 3 in. (75 mm) deep and non-ferrous metal up to 1. in. (38 mm) deep
  • AC Scan Mode locates live, unshielded AC electrical wiring up to 2 in. (50 mm) deep
  • WireWarning® Detection alerts to live, unshielded AC wires up to 2 in. (50 mm) deep
  • LoLevel™ Indicator displays low (weak) signal objects, such as plastic water pipes, while in TC™ mode
  • Signal Strength Indicator helps distinguish between shallow and deep targets while in StudScan and DeepScanR modes
  • MetalliWarning™ Indicator turns on when metal is detected in TC™, StudScan, and DeepScanR modes
  • ACT™ (Auto Correcting Technology) automatically corrects common errors, such as when scanning begins over a stud
  • Target Spotlight illuminates on screen when target is detected
  • ColorTrip® Display illuminates pale blue in TC™ mode, green in DeepScanR mode, blue in Metal Scan mode, and red in AC Scan mode and to alert the presence of live AC electricity
  • SpotLite® Pointer shines an arrow-shaped light on the scanned surface to indicate target location
  • “V” marker groove enables accurate marking of target location
  • Low Battery Indicator for optimum performance (9V battery required, not included)

The Zircon® 16 ft. (5 m) Tape Measure enables easy, one person measuring. Featuring a rubber coated ABS case, it offers a comfortable, non-slip grip for quick, easy, and accurate measurements.

  • Easy-to-read imperial (in. / ft.) measurements with fractions and metric (cm) measurements
  • Durable dual colored blade with double side printing
  • Rubber coated overmold for a comfortable, non-slip grip and protection
  • Auto blade lock for stable and accurate one person measurements
  • Pronounced double end hook for versatile grasping power
  • Belt clip and tether loop for convenient placement and accessibility

SuperScan W4 Datasheet - PDF

SuperScan W4 Instructions - PDF

SuperScan W4 Brochure - PDF


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